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Most bloggers are leaving thousands in revenue on the table because:  

• They don’t have a sales process in place (posting on social media + their website and praying sales will just come)  

• Their sales process doesn’t attract the right kind of audience (people are engaging but no one is buying)


• Their sales process does not convert, or converts a tiny percentage of customers or clients (a ton of free content being created but leading to zero dollars in the bank account)

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"I signed my first $1,500 client yesterday. I've been able to make $3,000 within a month. I constantly go over the trainings inside UYB. Thank you so much for the way you serve and help others with your program. It all started with you."

- Khalea | Relationship Blogger | khaleacooper.com

"I don't know why I was surprised, her coaching works. I'm constantly hearing from my customers that it's like I "read their mind" when I created my course. That is purely due to the fact that Shannon taught me how to land on target with delivery. Shannon is amazing and I will forever be grateful to her for her stellar coaching."

- Amber | Printables Blogger | blueeyedchicadesigns.com

They are losing anywhere from $10k - 100k a year because of a not so great sales process, and they have NO idea how to fix it.

OR they spend years trying to DIY it, learning it all by trial and error. By that time they are overwhelmed, burnt out and more frustrated.

With Unlock Your Biz: for Bloggers , you’ll close the huge gaps in your sales process, stop losing revenue and get to consistent four and five figure months of predictable revenue.  

With registration closed, we are focused on coaching our CEO's and helping them reach new heights with ease.  

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